following the fashion escapades of South Korean superstar athlete, Yuna Kim

Return to Seoul after Olympic Bid

Yuna looked exhausted and very beat coming back home, and one can assume the blame falls on her nonstop schedule the past few months. Between traveling around the world with her bid team, she also had to film a TV series, and no doubt this took a toll.

So it’s only logical that for this outfit she went for comfort.

The centerpiece of this outfit was the shoes. Two-toned flats, beige with a black patent cap worked to extend her leg line. A blessed break from the heels she’s been wearing.

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Pyeongchang 2018 Final Presentation [UPDATE]

The brand of Yuna’s black clutch has been confirmed.

It’s part of the Tory Burch Reva Collection, priced at $325. The closest match we could find is this one.

The chain links appear to be of a different shape, and the finish of Yuna’s bag seems to be darker and onyx-like. It’s possible that this was custom made as well to compliment Yuna’s suit—a mix of different lusters of black.

More Yuna fashions tomorrow!

Pyeongchang 2018 Final Presentation

Congratulations to Pyeongchang for winning the 2018 Winter Olympic bid! No doubt, a huge amount of this victory was due to Yuna’s relentless and busy campaign schedule.

She finished off the long and successful bidding process in unusual but beautiful style. Instead of opting for the classic women’s pants and blazer or skirt formal wear, she went for a one-piece suit with a cape.

The suit is by KUHO Chung, the executive of Jaeil Textiles, and took over 2 months to create.

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Yu-Na Kim has become a South Korean and winter sports icon in these past few years.

Her success in figure skating, including an Olympic gold medal, at such an early age and her poise and respectful nature have lead her to be the most beloved celebrity in her home country.

Winning the most prestigious competitions in her sport, remaining extremely humble, and donating thousands of dollars to charity has made her truly, a role model.

With so much attention, Yu-Na is also known for being one of the best-dressed celebs in not only Korea but throughout Asia. Reflecting her busy and varied schedule of traveling around the world, skating, and hitting the red carpet, her style ranges from an elegant designer cocktail dress to loose everyday t-shirts from QUA.

Let’s see what Yu-Na will wear next!